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En dålig affär

Every year, knowingly or unknowingly, Swedes buy millions of pirated goods. So, just in time for this year’s x-mas shopping, PRV (Swedish Intellectual Property Office) joined forces with the creative team at Ehrenstråhle to launch a whole new range of knock-off products, along with an online shop called “The Bad Deal Store”.

We have created the bogus products and the product film to launch them. At first glance, it seems like the ordinary product promotion you see every day, but when you listen and look closely, you might notice something odd.

All products are cunningly named after the risk you are taking, and the industry that you are supporting, when buying them. Would you consider buying sunglasses labeled “Go Blind” or a teddy bear, wearing a big “Mr. Suffocate” sign on the chest? 


Client: PRV

Agency: Ehrenstråhle


Réaction Allergique

A toxic blend just for you. 

Mr. Suffocate

A breathtakingly cheap teddy bear.

Scalpburner 2000

A burning look that lasts longer than you paid for


All the things they said we couldn’t do.


A box full of surprises. 

Go Blind

Designed with zero UV protection. An eye-catching bargain. 

Behind the Scenes

Where do I buy them? 

These products look so real and lifelike that people have asked where to buy them, however, they don’t exist. They were created in 3D; this is a great option to use when you might not have a product but want to get your message across.


Animation, Visualization, Products

Brickland | Ehrenstråhle / The Bad Deal Store