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New identity

The leading floor heating company Ebeco has undergone a design transformation during the autumn. We have been responsible for developing an image bank that matches the new tone.

The talented Design bureau Plats Art Directed the project and designed Ebeco’s new identity.


Art Direction: Plats!


Updated package design

The new brand design has been incorporated into already existing products and packages, creating a unified approach for the whole brand.

Images for every need

The exterior and interior images reflect homes where Ebeco’s solutions may be found. The benefits of using 3D instead of traditional photography can be many. You can create an image without having to look for photo locations that match what you want, to name one.

Images with the perfect fit

The perks of using 3D instead of traditional photography can be many. It is more flexible and gives you the possibility to arrange the composition as you like, to name one.

The interior and exterior images that we have created for Ebeco gives a direct view into some of the homes where their solutions can be found.

The flexible solution

We created a 3D library of Ebeco products at an early stage. We were, therefore, able to create new images quite easily when needed. It gave us a working method that allowed us to be agile, which suited as Ebeco’s brand transformation happened gradually.



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