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Polestar 2 Launch

“We did it. We bit the bullet, ripped off the bandage, and broke up with the conventions of the auto industry. We’re moving on, we’re moving up, we’re leading by example. We always knew there was a better way. Now, we’re going to show the world. ” Inspiring words from the Polestar team after the launch of their fully electric car model Polestar 2.

As one of their CGI- and creative partners we’ve been invited to watch the transformation from the front row.  It’s been a huge privilege – and a great journey which we are excited to share with you. 


Design & Creative Lead: Polestar design team & Volvo Visualisation

Sound Design: Gutterbox Audio

Polestar 2 Interior
Polestar 2 Interior
Polestar 2 Interior

From interior beauty to exterior perfection

Polestar 2 Iconic features
Polestar 2 Iconic features


We’ve delivered the interior images for the Polestar 2 car configurator. Snow, Magnesium, Thunder, Moon, Midnight or Void – which is your favorite color?  Go and explore →

Post & Retouch: Vintr, Stefan Isaksson Photography

Car Configurator Polestar 2


Animation, Visualization, Concept

Brickland | Polestar / Polestar 2 Launch