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Material stories

Mono-materials — no waste, no loss of quality properties


Mono is one in a series of films created for Polestar’s launch of the O₂ Concept car.

With the Mono material, you can create many products, each with unique features and qualities. Using one material for different surface structures and components allows for a more sustainable, simple, and cost-effective process in the car industry as it is easier to recycle and create new products in the future.

The film shows how the different components work together to create a new climate-neutral car with the process of reusing material, thermoplastic, in the interior.


Client: Polestar

Sound Design: Lisa Nordström

Labeled aluminum — made to be made again


The second material story is this tempting Aluminum film.
The aluminum is separated with different labels according to its quality. The process allows for better use of existing material as it can be efficiently recycled at the end of a vehicle’s life. 


Follow Polestar’s journey toward a more sustainable car industry. 


Aluminum (0-00-33-13)


Animation, Concept, Design

Brickland | Polestar / Mono & Aluminum