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Precept: Sustainability 

Polestar Precept is the latest launch from the Swedish car brand Polestar. The Precept is not only a design delight. It is also their statement to a more sustainable way of creating cars in the future.  

In this part of the Precept project, we focus on the inside. More specifically, the car seat. We wanted to frame the beauty of the sustainable Bcomp material, without stepping too far away from the actual product. It was, therefore, essential for us to find a balance between realism and the abstract. The animation brings us from the flax field to the completed seat in the Precept.


Sound Design: Kaliber Music & Sound

Sustainable material

Bcomp is a natural fiber composite innovator. Their powerRibs™ and ampliTex™ can be found in the Precept seat. The Bcomp fibers originate from the flax fields, and that is where our story begins. It takes us from the flax field to the car seat in the Polestar.



Animation, Concept, Visualization, Products

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