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Short Stories

Polestar Short Stories is one of our most appreciated automotive projects so far. Our brief was to translate the design team’s source of inspiration into an environment where the Polestar 2 car could feel at home. It has been an extraordinary journey for us as we’ve searched the world to locate what influences us and the designers.The result is three sceneries, each inspired by different cities around the globe. We call them short stories as they, in fact, tell the story behind each theme of the Polestar 2 car.


From a technical perspective, we built the cities as a full CG environment. It allowed us to create an environment that could match and reinforce the car, without the restraints that come with real-life footage. The decision to use full CG environments gave us the creative freedom to choose new angles and perspectives in a flexible and agile manner that suited this project.


This is our take on Shanghai, Berlin, and London. Please scroll further down if you want to learn more about the concepts.


“This theme, dubbed the “Shanghai”, is inspired by and reminiscent of the Asian megalopolis: clean lines, sharp contrasts and the appreciation of angles and details. With almost all chrome removed, the juxtaposition between the colors and materials is even stronger, giving the Shanghai its futuristic look.”

Polestars’ Design Team



“The “Berlin” package was christened so because it expresses the beauty of the brutal. Monochrome-clad, with eyes fixed firmly on the future, the Berlin establishes a new definition of premium. The temptation to overcomplicate is resisted. This is product design, applied to automotive. “

Polestars’ Design Team

Berlin _sideview_3200


“The “London” package evokes its namesake in its blending of timeless style and uncompromising verve. The reconstructed wood of the panels evokes the reinvention, and reincarnation, of the old into something new. The pointillism diamond patterns of the seats hint at a skyline, the modern design creating a compelling contrast with the natural-finish leather it’s on. Enduring materials, cutting-edge design, and the juxtaposition between them define the London.”

Polestars’ Design Team

London_Rain_ jpg


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