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Tech Moment

A Technological Leap by Volvo cars


Our client, Volvo Design Visualisation wanted us to create a series of animations and still images for their online event; A Technological Leap by Volvo cars.


The result was coordinated with our client and set to be clear and distinct visualisations that had the essential ingredients for each topic, all of this was presented by Volvo’s keynote speakers when they demonstrated the next steps in safety, computing and batteries.


The Air Fix, which ran like a common design language throughout the day, was inspired by the rear seat of the Volvo- where you can adjust the height of the seat. This means that children see the same things like adults without compromising on safety.


Client: Volvo Cars & Volvo Design Visualisation

Drivetrain 16x9_06
Generations 9x16_01


Animation, Concept, Design

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