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Brickland is a creative CGI studio based in Gothenburg.
We bind together artistry and technology to help brands stay ahead in the digital age.

Brickland is a creative CGI studio based in Gothenburg. We bind together artistry and technology to help brands stay ahead in the digital age.

Flowcup / Rebranding

Animation, Concept, Products, Visualization

FLOWCUP New identity Flowcup was founded in 2016 by Diana Lidforsen …

Wittra/Attraction Film

Animation, Concept, Motion Graphics

WITTRA / ATTRACTION FILM Wittra Solutions Wittra is an IoT company …

ProPud/Feed Your Cravings

Animation, Concept, Motion Graphics, Products

PROPUD  Feed Your Cravings We got into a very exciting collaboration …

Gore-Tex / Invisible Fit Footwear

Animation, Concept, Motion Graphics, Products

BOBBY / GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear Animated launch film for the …

Gore-Tex / Technology

Animation, Motion Graphics, Products

BOBBY / GORE-TEX Gore-Tex Technology  From the very beginning, the Gore-Tex …

Polestar / Precept

Animation, Concept, Products, Visualization

POLESTAR Precept: Sustainability  Polestar Precept is the latest launch from the …

Nevs / Mobility

Animation, Concept, Motion Graphics

THE BOND / NEVS Mobility Ecosystem NEVS is on the path …

Ebeco / New Brand Identity

Animation, Products, Visualization

EBECO New identity The leading floor heating company Ebeco has undergone …

Polestar / Short Stories

Animation, Concept, Visualization

POLESTAR Short Stories Polestar Short Stories is one of our most …

Fisherman’s Friend / Salmiak & Raspberry

Animation, Motion Graphics, Products

ONEMOTION / FISHERMAN’S FRIEND Salmiak & Raspberry It takes two to …

Volvo Change


LUCKY PUNK / VOLVO GROUP Volvo Change CREDITS Production: Lucky Punk …

Polestar / Polestar 2 Launch

Animation, Concept, Visualization

POLESTAR Polestar 2 Launch “We did it. We bit the bullet, …

Lucky Punk / Liseberg

Animation, VFX

LUCKY PUNK / LISEBERG Christmas at Liseberg It is Christmas time …

Volvo Cars / 360c

Animation, Concept, VR

VOLVO CARS 360c During spring 2018 we were invited to work …

Lucky Punk / Volvo Group

Animation, Concept, Motion Graphics

LUCKY PUNK / VOLVO GROUP Connected Solutions Volvo Group Connected Solutions …

Spoon / Volvo Trucks Dynamic Steering


SPOON / VOLVO TRUCKS Dynamic Steering Losing control of a vehicle …

Bobby / Reebok ZIG

Animation, Concept

BOBBY / REEBOK Reebok ZIG In this short animation, created for …



AZELIO – THE CONCEPT Azelio/ The Bond Tags Animation

Spoon / Wind tunnel


SPOON THE AGENCY / VOLVO TRUCKS Wind tunnel Tags Visualization …

Volvo Cars / Volvo S90 Sculpture

Products, Visualization

VOLVO CARS Volvo Sculpture Tags Visualization, Products

Flying Tigers


Flying Tigers Tags Animation

Edithouse / XC60 Launch

Products, Visualization

EDITHOUSE / VOLVO CARS Volvo XC60 launch Tags Products, Visualization …

Bobby / Reebook Cotton + Corn


BOBBY / REEBOK Reebok Cotton + Corn This is an animation …

With simplicity and beauty at our core, we create emotional stories and truly human experiences that you understand and connect with. The studio was founded in 2015 and has since developed a production unit that delivers high-end visuals for a variety of clients around the globe.

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